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Warranty Rules

Omega computer will provide you warranty for various products as per following clauses. Please ensure that you have received all the parts as described in the Form/Invoice and other related materials at the time of delivery from our Sales Department.

Replacement Warranty

  • One (1) year limited replacement warranty for clone computer and next two (2) years for service only. Warranty is valid for manufacturing fault only. No warranty is provided for any fault due to mishandling by the user.
  • Warranty for a brand computer is provided according to the warranty provision of the manufacturing company.
  • Printers/scanners are covered parts replacement warranty for 1 year as per warranty clause of manufacturer.
  • Motherboards, all cards, memory chips, Hard drive, Floppy drive & CD-ROM are covered 1-year warranty. No warranty is provided for any other problem.
  • Keyboard, mouse, speaker, adapter and power supply carries no warranty.
  • If any problem arises of purchase and any parts needs to be replaced due to manufacturing fault, Omega Computer will replace the faulty parts (if not repairable) within 7 days.

Service Warranty

  • Three (3) years limited service warranty for clone computes. If any parts need to be replaced or added in the 2nd and 3rd year, the customer will bear the cost.
  • For all types of printer/scanner, Omega Computer provides 1 year free service only. The service will be provided within 30 days from receiving date.
  • For different parts, Service unit may require 2-20 days to provide proper service.
  • Goods are not taken within 30 days of delivery date may be confiscated by the company.
  • Replacement of Printers, Scanners and other peripherals will be made as per standard time frame of manufacturing company.

Warranty Procedure

  • Client will bring the systems, printers/accessories to the service center of Omega Computer.
  • The service center will give a receipt to the client and a certain date and time (minimum 24 hours later) for identifying the actual problem of the systems.
  • No service will be provided in spot for home user. If any client needs home service in any special case, Omega Computer may provide home service in exchange of service charge.
  • If a part needs to be replaced but not available in that situation, client will pay additional amount for upgrade version/new model of parts if it demand higher price.
  • In case of replacement / upgrade, the original product must be submitted with the original packing, manuals, disks etc.

Warranty Void

  • If the warranty seal found broken.
  • If any unauthorized moderation or alteration done by the client.
  • If any damage done by natural disaster like earthquake, flood, fire and other calamities.
  • If any damage occurred due to preservation of the systems e.g. not duly covered in off time not protected from insects/animal like cockroach, lizard, rat etc.
  • If there is any kind of breaks (for example fall from hand).
  • If any damage occurred due to electrical distortion (for example parts burning due to electricity).
  • If any damage caused by misuse and mishandling.
  • If any damage done for lack of maintenance, For example if CD-ROM drive, Floppy drive, tape drive etc. is not clean regularly by the user.
  • If HDD, Processor or RAM carries without cover of Anti-static paper.

Warranty Doesn't Cover

  • Transition period of the systems.
  • Damage due to the external elements like water, tea/ coffee etc.
  • If further software required or reinstall needed due to misuse.
  • If any problem arises due to virus infection.
  • Omega Computer will not be responsible if any hardware item does not match with new / upgraded version of hardware and software after delivery.